About Shoutout OOH

Shoutout OOH is a Business and Tech Park (BTP) media asset vertical of Podhigai Ads which specializes in developing premium static and Digital Media assets and facilitating advertising opportunities at Business and Tech Parks. Shoutout OOH provides strong monetization opportunities to the BTP along with digitalization/beautification of the tech park ambience and bringing premium corporate brands to the BTP.

Why BTP advertising is on rise in India?
Business and Technology Parks (BTP) with niche audience playing an increasingly important role in attracting the brands to Advertise in their premises. BTP Advertising reaches a wide range of audiences, also creating opportunities for the brands to set up stall/event to showcase their products. Shoutout OOH plays a vital role in BTP Advertising because of our pan India presence, pioneer experience and leadership in the market.

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Shoutout OOH